The third meeting was held in Lengerich-Hohne on 30th May 2010.

A very special thanks goes to the forest Hotel Hilgemann for the very good service and food!

Here are some pictures

                                                                              Quelle: Westfälische Nachrichten

A small but very interested group. Many participants took part for the first time.

Even from Lake Constance Fidorra- descendants attended the meeting. A big thank you for coming.

As we found out the long journey was worth it

Edith is busy with the preparations.

Photos and family trees were displayed.



Gothlieb Fidorra with his wife Friederika born Gorray, along with the

old farm in Klein-Dankheim/East Prussia and their resting place. 



Lively inspection of family trees and lists. 


Family trees are compared and data exchanged. 


Even if it looks like, no one stayed alone


Even in front of the door the talks continued. 


   The wall was not long enough for the 12-meter-long family tree which

 was simply placed on the ground.


    And again, the exciting discussions and explanations continued. The

amount of data caused many astonished faces. 


Happily together “young” and “old” exchanged information. Memories of the homeland in East Prussia were obtained first-hand. 


   Many first-time participants of the family reunion informed themselves precisely of their descendants. 


The organizers would like to express a heartfelt thank you to all participants for the active participation!

    Waldhotel Hilgemann
Ringeler Str. 197, 49525 Lengerich